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Women Administration in al-Tabqa: Erdogan, his mercenaries are Nazism of age

The crimes of the Turkish occupation in the occupied areas of Syria continue against the civilians there, which shows popular reactions rejecting the existence of the occupation and demanding the international community not to be silent about that.

While the Turkish authorities, through their arrest of the politicians in Turkey, showed their chauvinism.

In this regard, the Women Administration in al-Tabqa region issued a statement to the public opinion, which was read by the administrator Radia al-Abed during a gathering of a number of members on Monday. The statement included:

“The Justice and Development Party which constitutes this age’s Nazism led by Erdogan continues to use the brutal policy to implement the Nazi authority, whether inside or outside Turkey. He did not only use his brutal methods and unethical practices against the people in the areas he occupied, but also practiced the policy of burning, destroying and displacing.”

The statement commented on the practices of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, “The crime of killing the young minor “Malak Nabih Jummah Khalil” who is 16 years old by the occupation’s mercenaries after they kidnapped her in the morning of the day before Eid al-Fitr, and weeks later, she was found killed in one of the farmers in al-Ferziyya village in a crime is not considered the first of its kind. It was preceded by the issue of kidnapping Kurdish women who were found in the cellars of the occupation and its mercenaries’ prisons, and they were exposed to the most brutal methods and violations of human rights.”

According to a statement of the Human Rights Organization in Afrin and a number of activists, yesterday the body of a girl from Afrin was found in the eastern countryside of Azaz town, and the Organization stated that the girl had been kidnapped since May 23 by al-Nukhba faction related to al-Sultan Morad mercenaries.

The statement also included: “The icon of steadfastness and struggle Leyla Koven continued in the battle of the empty bowel for 200 days in a row, rejecting the policy and brutality of the fascist party, and forced it to comply with her conditions, then she won and proved that the will of the people is stronger than the oppression of the rulers. Today, the Justice and Development Party returned to arrest her and her comrades by order from Erdogan after he ordered to drop their parliamentary membership from them under false pretexts within the framework of presenting their views in the Parliament.”

Two days ago, the Turkish authorities revoked the rights of parliamentary membership of Laila Koven and Musa Fares, to issue hours after the arrest warrant against them.

Two days ago, the Turkish authorities revoked the rights of parliamentary membership of Leyla Koven and Musa Fares, and after hours, issued orders to arrest them.

The statement concluded: “We, the women of al-Tabqa region, strongly condemn this repressive policy that does not adhere to any humanitarian or moral standards, and we demand the international community and human rights organizations to immediately investigate the abuses practiced by the Justice and Development Party at home and abroad, and its turn Turkey into a state governed by the one-person dictatorship who controls all joints of power.”

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