​​​​​​​Researcher: Turkey masks realities about women’s status in occupied areas

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, women have been living in tragic conditions due to the exploitation of their cause in the international forums in incorrect ways. This has increased in light of Turkey’s occupation of areas of Syria following an extremist mentality against them.

The recent statistics indicate an increase in kidnapping, rape and murder in the occupied areas by Turkey in the northeast and northwest of Syria, especially in the occupied Afrin, with the Turkish occupation not allowing any party to uncover the facts.

Kiridi monitors the  women’s status  in the occupied areas by Turkey in Syria, where she commented on the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the right of women in a special meeting with our news agency.

She likened Turkey’s mentality to Muslim Brotherhood’s one

“Regarding information circulating about women in the occupied territories, unfortunately, under the terrorist forces and organizations control that have media support, especially the Turkish regime, I think this information hides many health aspects and civil women. ” she said.

She emphasized that there are strict factions, which have removed women from their real framework of civil struggles and development, and restricted them to underdeveloped frameworks under unjust political claws.

She indicated that Turkish hegemony prevents access to facts, because the affiliated factions with the Muslim Brotherhood take away all forms of civilization.

She promised that women in general are affected by war and media in additions to economically, militarily developments, with many tragedies pushing women to take multiple roles, as they have often become the breadwinners in the presence of all the lost , victims and martyrs.

Loss of national identity in the occupied territories

Kiridi pointed out that supportive movements of women have been established as political covers in the occupied areas to present them to the international community as representing the new identity of Syrian women, and promised that that identity is incorrect as it is linked to political agendas of the Muslim Brotherhood.

She added: “Talking about solving any dilemma under exceptional circumstances are temporary emergency solutions, because the development process needs stability and mechanisms to generate a legislative system governing the status of women. İn the exceptional circumstances in which the country is subject to international conflicts, settlements, consensus and conflict, this is difficult, because it needs a favorable environment. ”

She stressed that this can be achieved through developing the legislative structure, seeking to devote all the protective laws, obtaining the best ones, and installing them in all international legislative structures. She added that this issue will face the problem of going to settlements that are subject to international consensus. Therefore, it will need a continuous struggle and civil organizational structures not linked to any external agenda.

At the end of her speech, she said, “What can be talked about in the occupied territories is the loss of national identity, the increase in societal problems as a result of the reality of displacement and the sabotage of people’s lives.

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