Activists: Turkish government exercises ISIS mentality in occupied areas, its country

Violence against women has not stopped in all countries of the world, including countries that claim democracy as documented by reports and researches on cases of violence; killing, rape, harassment, kidnapping, domestic violence and marginalization of their role in all domains of life. According to the comments of activists in women’s movements in Europe and Turkey, the authority’s mentality towards women in all countries is similar, and the most strict is the Turkish government whose mentality is closer to the mentality of ISIS.

Violations against women increased in the occupied areas in the northeast and northwest of Syria at the hands of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and despite being documented through clear evidence, the world opinion has not moved. In this context, I spoke to our agency’s activist in the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe, Bessima Konja, and spokesperson for the Ronahi Council in Hanover, Alia Akenji.

AKP’s mentality towards women is ISIS’

The activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe, Bessima Konja said: “The Turkish government in its terrorism and dirty policies against the pro-democracy peoples, especially women has surpassed the mentality of ISIS through its fascist authority.”

Bessima indicated that in all the wars that broke out, women were the most exposed to attacks. She added: “In the attack on Shengal, this was clear, and today the kidnapping, rape, and killing operations against women in Afrin confirm that.”

She pointed out that what is practiced against women exceeds the authoritarian and fascist mentality, but is hostile to women, and she said: “In many Arab, Islamic and European countries, the phenomenon of violence against women increases day by day.”

Bessima Konja criticized the policies of the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) towards women in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan, and said in this regard that “the ruling party refuses women’s participation in all areas of life, and only wants them to remain trapped in four walls, so it constantly fights their activities.”

The activist considered that “these violations against women are almost visible with the government’s leniency towards the perpetrators of these crimes, and those who do not confront severe penalties because even at the juristic and legal level, there is an overlook in its implementation and application.”

She confirmed that “women are subjected to domestic violence and they are killed, but the ruling party assists the accused by issuing amnesty laws, which offends women,” pointing out that the Turkish government now wants to pass another law that compels the victims to marry their rapist.

Bessima explained that the ruling party fears the emancipation of women, and added: “The mentality of this party is closer to the mentality of the extremist religious organizations, especially the mentality of ISIS mercenaries.”

Bessima touched on what is happening in the occupied areas by Turkey in northern and eastern Syria, especially in Afrin. She said: “Violations against women in the occupied areas means attacking the culture of women’s resistance and lead the new society in the revolution, and there are examples of thousands of resistant women in the region, such as targeting Hevrin Khalaf and the mother Aqida.”

She stressed that what is happening in the occupied territories does not differ from what is happening in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan because who practice it have the same mentality.

On the work of women’s movements, Bessima added that women’s movements and organizations in Bakur Kurdistan and Europe launched two years ago campaigns to combat violence against women. Last year, a women’s campaign launched in Europe under the title “You can be yourself,” and to combat the provisions and laws against women’s rights, many events and activities organized in Bakur Kurdistan.

At the end of her speech, the activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe confirmed that they will step up the events and campaigns to combat violence against women and demand their protection under the slogan “Struggle for Freedom and Change,” and focus on organizing activities to liberate thousands of female detainees in Turkey’s prisons and kidnapped women in the occupied areas in northern and eastern Syria.

Kurdish unity is the only solution to eliminate violations against Kurdish women and people

For her part, the spokesperson for Ronahi Council in the German city of Hanover, Alia Akenji, commented on the violations committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Turkey and Bakur Kurdistan and the occupied areas in Syria. She said: “The Turkish facist government practiced all dirty means against the regions of Bakur Kurdistan, burnt the Kurds’ villages, killed the Kurdish politicians, destroyed and targeted of the martyrs’ cemeteries, and one of the basics of this government is to target the activities and role of women.”

Alia added: “The Turkish government banned and closed centers for Rosa Council and the Free Women’s Movement in the cities of Bakur Kurdistan several days ago, and arrested several activists.”

She noted that in Rojava, especially Afrin, the Turkish government practices immoral violations against women, as ISIS mercenareis have done against the women of Shengal by selling them, and the same scenario is repeated in Afrin. She said: “We will not accept the sale, murder and rape of women, and the marriage of minors. All these actions are contrary to all international laws and norms,” calling for escalating the struggle to liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation.

Alia Akenji deplored the silence of the world claiming democracy towards the violations committed by the Turkish occupation in Afrin and other occupied areas.

Alia called on the Kurds to unite to stand and struggle in the face of the campaigns of genocide and ethnic cleansing that target the Kurdish people everywhere, as happened with the twenty-year-old Barish Cacan because he listened to Kurdish music, adding that this work demonstrates the barbarity of the Turkish government that can no longer bear to hear anything related to the Kurds.

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