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Turkey, its mercenaries’ crimes described in Articles 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Rome Statute; action must be taken immediately

Rights and justice organizations have made it clear that Turkey has unleashed its mercenaries to practice killing, kidnapping, and rape against the people of northern and eastern Syria, and all their crimes are described in Articles 5-6-7-8 / of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for the year 1998, which are international crimes and their elements are fulfilled in the terms of Article / 9 / of this system, and requires the action of the international prosecutor pursuant to Article / 15 / of the Rome Statute.

Today, dozens of members of the Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights in Syria, the Council of Social Justice in al-Jazeera region, the Women’s Council for Social Justice in northern and eastern Syria, the Lawyers Union in al-Jazeera , the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazeera, and the Human Rights Organization in Afrin / Syria, gathered in front of the headquarters of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the city of Qamishlo.

Participants in the gathering carried pictures of women who were insulted in the detention camps of the Turkish occupation army in the occupied city of Afrin, with signs saying “kidnapping women is a crime against humanity”, “rape of women and psychological and physical torture is a crime against humanity”, “the Turkish state retaliates against women in the northern and eastern Syria because it broke the thorn of terrorism “,” Coercing women into prostitution and forced labor is a crime against humanity “,” The Turkish state is a rogue of international public and humanitarian law and its international crimes in northern and eastern Syria require prosecution and international justice. ”

During the gathering, a statement was made to the public opinion on behalf of the participating civil organizations, by Aynur Pasha, member of the Research and Protection Center for Women’s Rights in Syria, and was handed over to the Office of the High Commissioner in Qamishlo city for delivery to both the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and members of the Human Rights Council in Honorable United Nations, Chair of the Special Investigation Commission for Syria, Paulo Pinheiro, and Executive Director of the United Nations Women’s Commission, Ms. Fumzili Malampo Nguca.

The statement included:

“while civil sources revealed verification on 5/9/2020 of the fact that a number of women were found in a secret prison belonging to the Turkish-backed Al-Hamzat division in the occupied city of Afrin, they had been kidnapped and arrested earlier, and it was determined that the secret of this heinous crime is revealed as a result of mutual clashes between these mercenaries on the one hand and the mercenaries of Ghouta on the other hand as it jumps again to mind – locally, regionally and internationally – the entire criminal scene that was planned and launched by Turkey bent on the performance of its executive chapters that differ from each other, not only in size, time or place, but also in its ugliness and the extent of its constant defiance of the global public order in its entire structure, custom, law and ethics.

Turkey unleashed its mercenaries to carry out murder, kidnapping and rape

Aynur Pasha explained through the statement: “The source of what happened to the state of women after the kidnapping by the Al-Hamzat division and then seized by the gunmen of Ghouta is the Turkish occupier, who moved from the stage of committing international crimes in particular to the stage of committing them relying on others, who created and taught them its best training in terrorism was then unleashed to kill, kidnap, rape, robbery, plunder, robbery of human organs, burning of plants, destroying all existing and displacing the rooted inherent, and fixing homosexuality to be the reserve of the occupier who is the source of every international crime committed and committed in northern and eastern Syria.

Aynur Pasha noted that what is stated by those concerned with human rights, whether locally, regionally or internationally, is confirmed by the reality in terms of the Turkish state committing every hour of its presence on the geography of northern and eastern Syria an international crime, which is either a war crime, against humanity, aggression, occupation, demographic change or mass genocide and ethnic cleansing, and the inclusion of children who survived the theft of their organs on the “terrorism and atonement” fronts.

Aynur Pasha continued: “The Turkish state has chosen to halve its crime against women in northern and eastern Syria in retaliation for its pioneering and pivotal role in breaking the thorn of terrorism in Kobani, Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, where women have been kidnapped, raped, deprived of custody and motherhood, and psychologically and physically tortured by unusual brutality, sexual slavery, coercion, prostitution, forced labor and everything related to sexual violence, especially forced pregnancy, in parallel with this criminal approach to humanity in general and to the peoples of northern and eastern Syria in particular, and to women in particular.

Aynur Pasha pointed out: “Since the Turkish state and the armed factions supported by it are responsible for every crime committed in northern and eastern Syria, and because its crimes are described in articles / 5-6-7-8 / of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for the year 1998, they are international crimes and their elements are fulfilled. In terms of Article / 9 / of this system, it requires the international prosecutor to act in accordance with Article / 15 / of the Rome Statute.

Aynur Pasha stressed through the statement the United Nations represented by its Secretary-General and the United Nations Prosecutor General in the international judiciary and Amnesty International and all relevant human and humanitarian organizations in the world to exercise its historical role and initiate the translation of the obligations and requirements of international public and humanitarian law, especially articles 2 / and 4 of the Charter of the United Nations and Articles 1 and 89 of the First Additional Protocol of 1977 supplementing the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and Article 147 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949:

To quickly prevent human mistrust of its international institutions and legitimacy.

• Holding the Turkish state accountable for the crimes committed by it and documented by local and international human rights organizations, and ending its occupation and interventions in northern and eastern Syria.

• Forming an international fact-finding committee to investigate the crimes committed against the people of Afrin, Ras al-Ain and Tel Abyad.

• Working to remove the armed factions and their families from the city of Afrin.

*Putting the city of Afrin under international guardianship and facilitating the return of its displaced people with international guarantees.

*Urgent action to confront the plans of the Turkish state, which threatens international peace and security, especially in terms of exporting terrorists to all parts of the world.

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