Afrin women demand for immediate action to end violations that occur in Afrin

Today, dozens of forcibly displaced women of Afrin gathered in front of the headquarters of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Qamishlo, carrying banners are written on it we decry the practices of the Turkish occupation against the people of the region, and women in particular.

During the gathering, a statement in the name of the forcibly displaced women of Afrin was delivered by Medyah Omar, and it read:

To Mr. António Gutteres, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

To Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

To Mr. Paulo Pinheiro, chair of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic.

Videos and photos of the series of crimes and violations committed by Turkish occupation authorities and armed groups loyal to it affiliated with what is called the “Syrian National Army” in the Syrian Kurdish region of Afrin, recently leaked by the mercenaries themselves, revealed that these groups are holding dozens of Kurdish women in a military center and carrying out violence against them.

This visual evidence is added to dozens of daily reports and news about crimes and practices carried out by armed groups under the instructions of the Turkish occupation authorities, and it is an additional confirmation of this terroristic behavior that has ruled the region since Turkey occupied it. These actions are outside the terms of legality and do not take into account the lowest considerations for humanity and morality, amid the shameful silence of international institutions.

These armed factions are entities that do not possess even the lowest levels of legal legitimacy, and they have been exploited by Ankara to occupy Afrin and displace 80% of its indigenous Kurdish inhabitants. The rest of these residents remain in a large prison in which they are subjected to the imposition of fines, stealing, imprisonment, torture, kidnapping, and murder.

The practices of armed groups against Kurdish women is a blatant violation of all internationally adopted laws and social norms, and it differs in no way from the practices of ISIS in enslaving women, insulting their dignity, and brutalizing them

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