​​​​​​​Hevi Suleiman: Crimes against Afrin women recalls ISIS crimes in Şengal

Afrin was part of the democratic experience of  the Autonomous Administration and it was leading in all respects. Therefore, the Turkish occupation army mercenaries are trying to undermine the gains of the Kurdish people. What happened recently against women in Afrin did not target Afrin women only, but all women of the northeast of Syria and the world. ” Hevi added.

The Turkish occupation is afraid of organized women, so it targets women of Afrin

Suleiman confirmed that women are targeted systematically in the occupied areas and added, “Therefore, the occupation intentionally targets the will of women, but the occupation does not know that our women get more determined.”

Member of the Kongra Star Coordination in occupied Afrin canton praised the positions that condemn the crimes of the Turkish occupation, saying, “We notice that women in the northeast of Syria did not sit still in the face of these policies, but they rose up and went out to the squares and demanded their rights.”

Women’s detention is carried out repeatedly by the occupation

Suleiman recalled the crimes of ISIS mercenaries against women in the Şengal district and said, “The scene of women captivity in the prisons of Al-Hamzat mercenaries shows the reality of the Turkish occupation state, as it is the same of the ISIS scenario, and the injustice against Yezidi women. Thus, it shows the mentality that ISIS derived from the Turkish occupation that established ISIS. “

All women should not deal with these policies

Suleiman denounced the international silence about the repeated Turkish crimes in the occupied areas.

She called “all women of the world to rise up against these policies and escalate their struggle to curb them. Women in northeast of Syria and the world must organize protests to condemn the Turkish occupation.”

It is reported that, on the 28th of May 2020, clashes erupted between the settlers of Al-Ghouta and Al-Hamzat mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army in occupied Afrin led to the storming of Al-Hamzat mercenary headquarter, where Kurdish, Arab and Yezidi women were seen naked inside the prison and were kidnapped by mercenaries Hamzat

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