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​​​​​​​Women’s organizations: International silence towards Turkey’s violations is a crime

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have continued their violations against the civilians in Afrin since its occupation on March 18, 2018, and women in Afrin have had the largest share as the violence against women has increased in the occupied areas in northern Syria, especially in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. violations that do not differ from those of ISIS, some of these violations have been exposed to international public opinion while the bulk of the violations that are not related to humanity are still being hidden in secret detention of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupier against women.

After the recent clashes between the militants of Al-Ghouta and the mercenaries of the Al-Hamzat squad revealed what was going on inside the prisons of the Turkish occupier, where dozens of abducted women, the majority of whom were the indigenous Afrin residents, were tortured physically and psychologically in a flagrant violation of human rights.

In this regard, our agency conducted a meeting with members of women’s organizations, that condemned the criminal acts of the Turkish occupier against women in the occupied areas, especially in Afrin.

Violations of the Turkish occupation continue against women since the first day of Afrin occupation

The spokesperson of Kongra Star in NE Syria, Avin Sweid, denounced at the beginning of her speech the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its pro-factions and said: “From the first day of Turkey’s occupation of Afrin and the violations continue against the people and women and children in particular. These practices and attacks are far from human principles, and international laws and covenants. “

 Sweid indicated that an international conspiracy was hatched on Afrin and after a resistance that lasted 58 days it was occupied by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. Since that time, social media and private sources show how women are kidnapped, violence, rape and abuse, not to mention arbitrary arrests in front of the entire world. This was evident two days ago during the clashes between mercenaries. “

The violations aim to break the will of women and implement the abandonment policy

Sweid has noted that the violence by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation aim to implement the policy of abandonment and demographic change in addition to breaking the free will of women because women are the ones who struggled, and resisted all forms of mercenary. They are resisting in Al-Shahba regions and fighting to return to Afrin. .

She indicated that the violations against women in Afrin, Serêkaniyê / Ras Al-Ain, Girê Spî/ Tel Abyad are all carried out under the Turkish occupation plans, especially in Afrin.

She confirmed that they managed to document many of the crimes of the Turkish occupation in Afrin. As for Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî the mercenaries became aware of what happened in Afrin from documenting their violations, so they were prevented from using mobile phones to prevent documenting and leaking any criminal act they do to the public opinion.

The silence of the international community is a sign of collusion with the occupier

On the international silence  she said, “The international community’s silence regarding violations and crimes of the Turkish occupation in the regions of northeast of Syria is only a sign of its complicity with the Turkish occupier, and indicates that they are partners with the Turkish occupier from the start“.

What women are exposed to in Afrin is really shameful for humanity

For her part, the General Coordinator of the Syrian Women’s Council, Lina Barakat, said: “We all witnessed the horrific scene that appeared in the prisons of mercenaries, the Turkish occupation of naked women detainees, are really shameful for humanity.”

Barakat condemned the international silence towards the recent horrific scenes of violations against women, which represent the grave violations against women in occupied Afrin by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation.

She expressed her surprise at the international silence towards the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries without  taking any measures against the Turkish occupation and the mercenary factions  that systematically target women to break the will of women and exploit them in the most horrific ways.

In this regard, women’s organizations in NE Syria issued a statement calling for holding perpetrators of these crimes accountable and forming an international fact-finding and documenting violations committee. Barakat continued: “We called on all the women of the world to show solidarity with the Syrian woman who paid over 10 years a lot of exorbitant prices, lost security and safety, subjected to forced displacement, and sexual exploitation and forced marriage.

 ” On the position of the international women’s organizations, she said that the women’s organizations did not denounce or sympathize with the situation of women in Afrin, especially after the emergence of these horrific scenes, calling on women all over the world to join hands and collaborate and reconsider the issue of women and stand by each other.

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