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Sit-in in Denmark to condemn violence against women

Domestic and family violence against women has increased in the world in light of the home quarantine taken by international organizations to protect against the coronavirus.

To condemn the violence, on May 5, the Kurdish Woman Movement – Europe, by explaining all world’s women will not be silenced

Accordingly, women from the Kurdish and European community in all European cities continued their activities, where dozens of people staged a sit-in in the capital of Denmark (Copenhagen).

Banners that were raised written on it “Violence Against Women Politics, it is Possible, That You Too Will See it – Women are Free Life”, in addition to the flags of the Kurdish women’s movement in Europe

During the event, a speech was delivered on behalf of the Women’s Council, in which it appealed to the Danish community for silence in the face of violence against women.

Yesterday, Sweden’s cities witnessed similar denunciations that rejected men’s violence against women, while women demonstrated in Amed, Bakur (North Kurdistan).

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