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Hassan: Women have to do more efforts to success Kurdish rank unity initiative

The talk of Berivan Hasan, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, came as a result of the continuous calls from the Kurdish forces, parties, intellectuals, and people for the Kurdish parties to unite their ranks through the initiatives launched.

Berivan said: “The attacks that the region is exposed to from time to time increase the risk to the entire Kurdish people, and not only to one party. Therefore, the current stage requires standing in front of the policies of the occupier, who aims to expand its attacks in the region to thwart the project of the democratic nation, and to obliterate the rights of the Kurdish people and its gains.”

She praised the initiative to unify the Kurdish class, saying: We are facing a new transitional phase in Syria, which is the stage of changing the constitution, so we as a Kurdish people need to unify our ranks, so that we can protect our rights within the constitution that will be prepared for Syria.

She added: We must avoid all differences and set them aside, work to build a bright and healthy future for the people, preserve the gains made thanks to the blood of 11,000 martyrs in the Rojava Revolution, and liberate the occupied areas by Turkey’s mercenaries, and meetings must be achieved between all Kurdish political parties to highlight unified Kurdish position.

Women must make efforts to make the initiative a success

She touched upon the efforts of women to unify the Kurdish class, saying that “women within the political, organizational and military parties must do more to make the initiative succeed, in order to actually achieve the unity of the Kurdish class and highlight their role in it.”

And she concluded, saying, “We have faith in the power and will of women to play their role effectively, and not just by saying, and highlighting their ways to make the Kurdish unity initiative succeed, because society looks at the strength of women and how they are organized in the region, so we appeal to women to be eligible for the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs. The likes of Arien Merkan and Avista.

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