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Displaced’s dreams of return to hometown, get occupation out of it

On October 9, 2019, the Turkish occupation army launched attacks on areas of northeast of Syria displacing thousands of people and occupying Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria opened Washokani camp for the displaced in the town of Tweina, west of Hasaka, in November last year. The camp that is housing 12,000 people are currently.

The determined Serêkaniyê displaced of Washokani camp continue to resist and assert that the Turkish occupation will not be able to undermine their resolve to resist them, including mother Fatima Sino in her 80s.

Sino is the mother of 11 boys and girls, and two martyrs “Shoresh Derseim and Britan Deirsim that was martyred in the town of Al-Hol”.

“This is the third time that Turkey has attacked the city of Serêkaniyê. The last attack was on October 9th ,” she told ANHA.

“We left without taking anything with us except the pictures of my martyrs. We first took refuge in the town of Tal Tamer, and because of the poor conditions there we also had to go out to the city of Al-Hasakeh and settled in Tweina for four months. Later we moved to Washokani camp.”

She added: No one wants the interest of the Kurds or confronts Turkey with that. They are all partners in the displacement of Kurds, Turkey believes that by occupying our areas will be able to erase the history of the Kurds, but that is impossible, we are the ones who resisted in Serêkaniyê and we will continue to resist.

“Despite the difficult conditions of the camps, we are continuing and we will continue to resist us, even if it costs thousands of martyrs. It is more important that we return to our territory and get the occupation out of it,” mother Sino said.

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