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​​​​​​​Protests in Germany condemning violence against women

Representatives of several women’s organizations protested in Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday to call for support for women and condemn violence against them.

Several women’s organizations participated in the protest, including (the young woman, the Federation of Displaced Women, representatives of the Yani Kadin institutions, Zor, and representatives of civil society institutions).

During their activities, the women condemned the killing of Maryam Shaheen, who was killed by her ex-husband on May 1, and demanded punishment for the killers of the women.

They also announced that they would continue their activities, and called for strengthening unity, struggle and organization against violence.

Similarly, the German city of Dusseldorf witnessed similar protests against violence.

This comes condemned protests at the invitation of the Kurdish Women’s Movement – Europe, which called on women not to remain silent towards violence, and to increase the struggle.

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