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Kurdish Women Movement – Europe calls on women to fight violence

​​​​​​​Kurdish Woman Movement – Europe (TJK-E) has denounced of the increasing violence against women in the world, it said that any woman who is subjected to violence we are responsible for her, and called on women not to remain silent and fight against violence.
Kurdish Woman Movement – Europe issued to the public opinion regarding violence against women in light of the spread of the corona pandemic and quarantine.

The statement said: Violence against women is caused by “the virus and the man” and they are responsible for the ideology of the patriarchy.

The statement referred to this year’s UN report, titled “The Family is a Changing World”, indicating that the home is the most dangerous area for women.

The statement stated that according to the data released, 137 women in the world are killed every day, while 50,000 women are killed every year by men close to them, and added: “The actual number is much higher, and this is called the poisonous mentality of a man who constantly kills women, attacks them and commits massacres. “

Added: Women are killed every day by their husbands, and what hapened on May 1, 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, when Kurdish political activist Mariam Shaheen was targeted by her husband, who separated from him and almost killed her, as evidence of that. Her ex-husband stabbed her first, then poured gasoline on her and tried to kill her in front of her children.

Also on April 2, a woman was killed by her husband in Kassel.

Without a doubt, women who are subjected to violence are the main cause of our struggle. Wherever they are, and whatever their identity, whether they are from the Kurds, Alawites, Yazidis, Muslims or Germans and subjected to violence, we are responsible for them.

Kurdish Woman Movement – Europe called women to organize themselves to fight crimes and violence, saying “women should not remain silent towards anyone who engages in violence and requires us to organize and strengthen our self-defense.”

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