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Kurdish Women’s Movement: It’s time to step up the global women’s struggle against the capitalist pandemic!

Our experience of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple crises associated with it are a direct
result of the constant accumulation of profit and capital that characterises capitalist modernity.
Capitalist interventions in first nature, i.e. the natural world, are the result of its objectification through
power and hegemonic thinking. With each intervention in nature, the ecological balance was disturbed a
little more. In capitalist modernity, which represents the current stage of the state-based system of
civilisation, the interventions in nature lead to cancerous growths.
As a result of disruption to areas of nature and wildlife, colonisation, the exploitation of natural
resources, the poisoning of nature, the destruction of the environment and indigenous social systems,
extreme urbanization, the industrialization of production without moral norms and the maximisation
of profit for the few through less spending and increased exploitation, our planet is becoming more
and more sick.
Nature does not take revenge. Nature can no longer bear the boundless greed for profit and plunder of
the capitalist mentality. First nature can no longer bear that the second – i.e. humans as social nature –
detaches itself from it. Historically, this is the greatest and most momentous detachment. With the
objectification of nature by the mentality of domination, women have also been declared an object by
the mentality patriarchal.
Subsequently, ever wider sections of society were enslaved and exploited by a power structure that has
declared itself as the ultimate political agent. Today there is no piece of earth, no social cell that has not
been touched by the capitalist system. The capitalist system spreads cancer into every cell it touches.
And it will not stop. For example, the Turkish government has used the vacuum created by the
pandemic to award the first tender for the ecological destruction project ‘Canal Istanbul’, signing off
on the destruction of water basins and forests. The oil industry in the USA has started construction of
the Keystone XL pipeline, which had been successfully blocked until now.
We are not in the same boat!
We need to underline: we are not all in the same boat. And we are not all equally responsible for this
crisis. Nor do we have the same means of protecting ourselves against the virus. The main culprits of
this crisis are global financial capital and nation states, which ensure the continuity of the law of
maximum profit. Once again, it has been clearly shown that the primary concern of states is not the
health and needs of the population, but of global capital.
For this reason, governments’ agendas do not include social health policies that can reverse the
devastation of neo-liberalism on the health sector. Instead, new laws are being passed in the middle of
the Covid-19 pandemic to facilitate more extensive exploitation of health workers. While on the one
hand these governments applaud health workers to cover up this reality, on the other hand they cause
the death of medical and health workers because they are forced to work in unprotected conditions. So
far, hundreds of doctors, nurses and health workers have lost their lives because they have been
infected while treating sick people. Elderly people who are seen as a burden on the system and who can
therefore be abandoned are left to die alone in old people’s homes.

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