Ongoing initiatives to make muzzles under curfew

The sewing workshop of the martyr, Sakina Assalia in Manbij is working on manufacturing the medical muzzles, in an initiative to distribute them on the working internal security forces and committees under the curfew in the northeastern of Syria.
After the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that the virus has become a global pandemic after thousands of infected cases and deaths have been recorded.

In northern and eastern Syria, since March 23, the Autonomous Administration has announced a curfew, as a precautionary measure to prevent the virus outbreak, as the Health Authority has not recorded any infection to date.

 With the deployment of internal security forces throughout the region and the sterilization, cleaning and monitoring of the markets by committees of people’s and health municipalities, many workshops initiated sewing muzzles to cover their shortage.

 In Manbij city, at the initiative of the women’s committee and in coordination with the Health Committee, the sewing workshop of the martyr, Sakina Assalia  in the city started manufacturing muzzles for members of the Internal Security Forces.

“The workshop was suspended under the curfew ,  as a result of the demand on muzzles, it started to manufacture them from today in coordination with the Health Committee,” said Ms. Ekssa’a Ahmed, co-chair of the women’s committee.

Humanitarian initiatives are continuing in northern and eastern Syria, which are taking preventive measures to prevent the emergence of the coronavirus in the region.

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