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“Turkey bombs us instead of working to contain the outbreak of Corona in its country”

Turkey continues its attacks on the north and east of Syria despite the fact that the Syrian Democratic Forces welcomed the United Nations’ appeal for an immediate ceasefire to facilitate the global response to Covid-19.

To condemn the attacks, the Council of Women in Manbij and its countryside issued a written statement to the public opinion.

The text of the statement:

“on behalf of the women of the city of Manbij, we condemn and denounce the Turkish attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, especially the recent attacks on the countryside of the city of Manbij, in which a child was killed and her father was injured. These people have no fault except that they are committed to their homes for fear of the spread of Corona virus.

The whole world was preoccupied with the Corona virus, but the Turkish state ignores the dangers of this virus and takes this opportunity to bomb our land and cut water to our people in Al-Hasakah while we are exhausting all our energies and capabilities to tackle the Corona pandemic.

The Turkish occupation continues to violate its violations. Instead of being concerned with the affairs of its country and dealing with the Corona virus and preventing its spread, it attacks the right to neighborhood.

The truth is evident in this viral crisis, which killed and still kills thousands of people around the world. Manipulation of the fate of humanity is managed by capital traders and capitalist authoritarian states. All the diseases, weapons, wars and epidemics that these authorities produce are in order to achieve the greatest profit at the expense of the life of all mankind, and Erdogan and his regime are nothing but the clearest picture of this fact.

Erdogan, who turned like someone who kills the dead man and then goes to his funeral, was not the first time that death was sent to our peoples, so our memory is still laden with annihilation he carried out in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Serekaniye.

The Women’s Council sent a message to the world in which it said: Our people was the first to stand up against any aggression or epidemic that threatens humanity, and in turn we extend our hand to help with all the available capabilities to spread peace and spread goodness to all of humanity.

At the end of its statement, the council called on the people to solidarity and cooperate with the decisions of the Autonomous Administration and to adhere to the health sector’s guidelines to fight the Corona virus and protect the region.

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