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​​​​​​​Kongra Star: We demand to hold perpetrators crimes against women accountable

Kongra Star issued a statement to public opinion condemning the killing and suicide of women.

The text of the statement came:

Since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution until the present day, there has undoubtedly been a struggle for women’s rights to freedom and equality, but despite the struggle that has been fought and the result of the prevailing social mentality in society, are being married while she is in minor age under the name of customs and traditions, women are still facing murder and suicide.

Today in Kobani, a 21-year-old woman named Ami, who has a single daughter, committed suicide because of the prevailing social mentality, only because she is a woman.

Sometimes a woman finds the solution in killing herself, because of the violence practiced against her, and we, like the Kongra Star, see this as a danger to the lives of women, and society sees it as legitimate because the woman is still treated as an honor.

We also find that murders committed against women and suicide have increased, and that women are deprived of their natural rights, and the reason is that the prevailing mentality of a man who denies her presence and demands that his authority be imposed on her in order to lose her identity.

We, as a feminist organization, condemn the killing of women under any name, the woman should not be killed, and she must not be killed herself.

We demand the responsible authorities and all organizations to hold perpetrators of these crimes accountable and to protect women’s rights. “

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