Zor ava women: Women became symbol of resistance

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Zor ava residents in the Syrian capital, Damascus, organized a celebration within the neighborhood, in which dozens of women and residents of the neighborhood had been participated.

The ceremony was decorated with pictures of female martyrs who fought for the liberation of women from slavery that had been imposed on them for decades, and pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who through his ideology and philosophy the woman was able to celebrate this day.

Banners congratulating the woman on her international day, several slogans attracted the attention, “We Congratulate All the women of the World, and Women in North and East Syria, especially on this day, International Women’s Day, By Virtue of women we Will Win, we Will Establish”.

The celebration started with holding a minute of silence, tribute in martyrs’ souls, after that the participants dancing in rings, which symbolize the originality and heritage of the Kurdish people, presented by some of the participating teams

The female Participants in the ceremonial event confirmed that women have granted their full rights as a result of the support of leader “Abo” for them and their knowledge of their rights.

The ceremony was concluded with the slogans “There is no life without the leader” and “Women are free lives.”

Thousands of Kurdish families live in the Zor ava neighborhood, and the Syrian government authorities often prevent them from holding activities and events, so they are forced to set up their activities in narrow houses or in areas far from the authorities ’eyes.

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