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Yousef: Rojava women became symbol

After the women flocked to the celebration square in  Al Ashrafieh neighborhood, the celebration began by reading the message of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the administrator at the Kongra Star Coordination, Hedia Yousef congratulated the International Women’s Day on the philosopher of the democratic nation Abdullah Ocalan and the martyrs of freedom and fighters in the trenches War and the mothers of martyrs.

The day is a tribute to the hundreds of women who have made sacrifices for their rights and freedom, Hadia said.

“Kurdish women in particular have become pioneers in the freedom revolution for all women for the coexistence components of society,” she said.

“Women in the northern Syrian revolution have become a symbol for the women of the world because they face death in order to save humanity from slavery,” she added.

She concluded by pledging to follow the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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