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Women resistance through painting

Displaced students of Afrin from the intermediate and high schools who study in schools in Al-Shahba district, presented painting on the violence against women.

The students prepared 17 paintings in a week, and prepare to display two paintings during the International Women’s Day celebration, in order to participate in this day in another way, so that the paintings mimic the reality of women in the context of the male mentality.

In addition to highlighting the women’s resistance that made March 8 an international day for women through their rebellion against violence.

The paintings expressed the suffering and pain of the women, drawing the attention of members of the ceremony.

“We displayed these paintings during the International Women’s Day celebration, to prove to the whole world that women’s resistance against violence  continues,” student management Haifa Hashem, 15, told ANHA.

 To congratulate this day, every student who participated, the student administration will donate bracelets to each student.

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