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Speeches in Manbij celebration invite to escalate women’s struggle

Today, the women of the Manbij region with their folklore dress came out to celebrate the eighth day of March in a march, and upon their arrival at the place designated for the celebration near the building of the Social Justice Council and a minute’s silence, then several speeches were delivered, including a speech by the official spokesperson of the Women’s Council Ibtisam Abdul Qadir, who in her turn, she congratulated all the women of the world on the occasion of Women’s Day.

She added, every year, the spring brings a special day with him, which is considered one of the most important stages of the woman’s struggle, and praises her steadfastness, sacrifices, and historical accomplishments. In the spring, nature blooms and women bloom with them in all its aspects. Women are like nature always in a state of renewal.

And Ibtisam recalled all the martyrs whose names were written in the pages of history such as (Rosa, Clara, Zylan, Arian, Barin, Avsita, Hevrin Khalaf, Akida’s mother, and Amara, and said: They are the ones who stood on the battlefields against the enemy, and they are role models for women in northern and eastern Syria and they became the forefront of this society in all political, social and defense aspects.

For her part, the head of the Future Syria Party, Manbij Atheeb Al Abboud branch, said in a speech on behalf of the party: “We pay tribute for the souls of women who sacrificed themselves for sake to to obtain their rights and freedom and their souls were sacrificed to their desired goal of freedom.”

She added during her speech: Today we are here in this place to appreciate to the fighters who sacrificed themselves to carry the banner of the democratic project, and worked hard to be the voice of the free woman, the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, who believed in peoples’ fraternity and was sincere in her faith.

The Atheeb that women in NE, Syria contributed to the leadership of the Future Syria Party to be a party that seeks to build a decentralized, pluralistic democracy and seeks a comprehensive peace to end bloodshed after the conflict that exhausted the Syrian people.

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