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International women’s day events in Qamishlo initiated

Massive crowds have flocked to celebrate in International Women’s Day from all the components from Qamishlo canton’s women heading towards Mazfakt dam belong to Tirbespiyê in Qamishlo canton.

The celebration was organized under the slogan “Our Struggle is Freedom, Our Resistance is Victory.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing this year is the participation of all women in their folkloric clothes, which indicates the elegance and distinctiveness of each component. In addition to the extent of the rapprochement between them, as a result of the strong and solid relations dating back thousands of years.

The mass celebration activities are scheduled to begin by reading the instructions of leader Ocalan regarding women, and then reading the message of the women of Qamishlo canton, and the ceremonial activities will be concluded with a display of lyric and folk dance.

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