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From al-Shahba…. Spark that launched by women spread in all over world

The International Women’s Day celebration continues in al-Shahba canton by reading the message of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, which he sent on the 5th of March in the Kurdish languages by a member of the Kongra Star in Afrin canton Newroz Ahmed, and in Arabic by a member of the Kongra Star Zahida Ma’mo.

After that, a speech was delivered by the administrator of the Free Women Union in al-Shahba canton Nariman Hussain and she blessed International Women’s Day for all the women who fought for women’s freedom.

She said: “We congratulate all the women fighters who have become role models and lighthouses that illuminate the darkness of the night, and we congratulate all the women of NE, Syria of all components who have contributed to building, protecting, and defending the nation with all its strength.

Nariman continued her speech: “The spark of the women that had been launched never fell, but rather flared up in all parts of the world. Resisting women was never easy, but was and still faces all forms of violence, persecution and murder as well. Therefore, March 8th is a platform for struggle.” In order to claim the rights of women, whose strength was derived from the ideology of the leader Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy. “

The speech of Kongra Star was delivered by a coordinating member of  Kongra Star in al-Shahba canton, Zalukh Rashid, in which she emphasized that women must reorganize society away from the influence of ruling and authoritarian regimes based on the principles and values of the maternity stage, so You must reconsider political, philosophical, economic, artistic, scientific, diplomatic, and fundamental protection systems concepts, and build society according to principles and values, because we see the twenty-first century as a century of building and emancipation of women, and this is why March 8, 2020 is characterized by particularity and importance.

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