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Celebration on 8th March in al-Shahba district initiated

Thousands of the people from Afrin and al-Shahba districts went from the morning hours to the place of the March 8 celebration of Ma`rat al-Musallamiyya in Ahadath, in al-Shahba district to participate in the celebration.

The celebration started with a march for the Young Women’s Union from the main street of Ma`rat al-Musallamiyya in Ahadath, in al-Shahba district to the place of the celebration, where the women carried drums, chanting slogans reviving the resistance of women.

The ceremonial square is decorated with pictures of activists, “Arein Mercan, Barin, the Akida ‘s mother and Hevrin Khalaf, as well as pictures of women fighters in the Resistance of the Age and Women’s Protection Units YPJ.

The flags of the Kongra Star, the Union of Young Women and pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan were raised, and what marked the celebration this year was the women’s wearing of Kurdish folk dress, and the scarf of Kurdish heritage worn by the YPJ on their heads.

 Then the message of the Kongra Star for the International Women’s Day was delivered by the administrator Zalukh Sido, and the administrator Nariman Hussain will deliver a speech on behalf of the Free Women Union in al-Shahba.

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