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War wounded: Women must build their unity; play their role in freedom, equality

Confederation blessed the war-wounded in NE, Syria on March 8th, and called on women to build their unity and play their role in freedom and equality.

The text of the statement came:

We, like the war wounded, will bless the 8th of March on the architect of the ideology of women’s freedom, the leader Ocalan, and all women around the world. In the personality of the Mirabal sisters and martyrs who were martyred for the sake of freedom, we remember all our martyrs who sacrificed themselves.

Life should be developed on the basis of the liberation of women and freedom, which imposes the mentality of capitalism itself to prevent the granting of the right to women, and on these foundations, women should go to the arenas and organize events with the nature of the struggle of women on the basis of the freedom to liberate them, and follow the path of the struggles who presented their lives, and not accept the aggression committed by the enemy.

Every woman creates life on her land, and gives birth to all women. If we say that the motherland is the most beautiful in life, women without land, identity and ideology, we see that the modernity of capitalism captures her body, women must return to their original roots and research themselves. Because today many women still find themselves under the influence of the helpless man.

We, like the war wounded, fought against the enemy and presented part of our bodies, and we call on all women to build their unity and play their role in freedom and equality, and we hope that the revolutionary woman will be a voice for all women in international forums and the Middle East, and we will win with the spirit of revolutionary women like Sakîne Cansiz who have struggled throughout her life and become her martyrdom represented women’s freedom. “

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