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Series of activities in Aleppo on March 8th occasion

With the International Women’s Day approaching, the Young Women Movement, the Women Bureau in the Future Syria Party, and the Internal Security Forces for Women organized various activities in al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods.

The Women Bureau of the Future Syria Party congratulated the International Women’s Day on all the women working within institutions by distributing roses and a card with the photograph of the martyr Hevrin Khalaf to them.

The Young Women Movement distributed flowers to the women of al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods, amid chanting the slogans that salute the resistance of women on the impact of playing drums throughout the two neighborhoods.

In the same context, the Women Internal Security Forces marched in the streets of al-Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods, raising the pictures of female martyrs. The tour continued till the Asayîş Martyrs Academy located in Sheqayyef in Aleppo, where they held al-Dabka rings on the impact of the revolutionary songs.

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