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Women’s Authority in Euphrates region congratulates March 8th, condemns Imrali fire

The statement was read in front of the Executive Council building in the city of Kobani by the head of the Women’s Authority in the Euphrates region, Frias Barkel.

The text of the statement:

“The woman who liberated and made great progress during the revolution of the nineteenth of July, and overshadowed the epics of history with her courage and strength, and today she is exposed to violence in all its forms (killing, displacement, destruction and ethnic cleansing). This revolution (i.e. the March 8 revolution) was a coup against the self, and the social customs and traditions that crippled the woman long ago, because the change did not come from a vacuum or on a plate of gold, but rather was the result of the struggle and sacrifices of women.

Every year, the spring comes with a special day that is considered one of the most important milestones in the struggle of women, and praises her steadfastness, sacrifices and victories that she achieved throughout history, as it is the starting point for the rise and uprising of all women in the world, and under the title (Our struggle is freedom and our resistance is victory), women start in northern and eastern Syria with the reception of International Women’s Day and events are organized through it, as the YPJ scarf is a symbol of all events and celebrations, and on this day we remember all the hard-working women who fought and were martyred for justice and equality.

As women prepare to welcome and celebrate the eighth of March, the Turkish state rushed to announce in the words of its foreign minister that a fire broke out on Imrali Island, where the international leader and the true friend of women Abdullah Ocalan is being held.

The Turkish state seeks, by all means and methods, to eliminate the will of the woman, rob her right, end her existence, and usurp her land, as she targets well-known personalities who are able to achieve more progress and freedom for the benefit of women such as Hevrin Khalaf and the mother doctrine, in addition to representing the bodies of female fighters in the Protection Units Women like Barin, Renas and Amara.

Through these practices, we find that the Turkish state seeks to break the will and will of the woman and intimidate her, to retract her role in protecting the land, and not to fulfill the promise and covenant that the woman made.

We also condemn and renounce the brutal crime committed against Mrs. Hoda Al-Ali and her child Azad Hussain, as they were brutally killed by her husband in the forest of Kobani.

We congratulate the eighth of March (International Women’s Day) on all the families of the martyrs and their relatives, and we congratulate all the women of the world and invite them to increase the pace of the struggle to reach a free moral and ecological society in which women enjoy their full social, political and legal rights.

From this podium and from the steadfastness fortress, Kobani, we appeal to all human rights organizations and associations concerned with women and children issues in the world to rise up in order to stand up to anyone who tries to target the lives of women.”

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