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Intensive preparations by Golden Crescent to celebrate 8th March

Afrin women receive International Women’s Day in its second year in Al-Shahba canton, where the Golden Crescent movement made preparations for musical performances (rehearsals), dance and theater.

The bands of the Martyr Bercem and Martyr Haifa, which are composed of 17 members, are preparing artists and musicians to train them to present Kurdish and Arabic folk songs and songs on women’s resistance.

Besides, the folk dance groups of the martyr, Viyan Soran, and the martyr Mizgin, consisting of 16 members, intensified their training to participate in the concert, with two paragraphs representing the folklore of Afrin and the folklore of Kokem.

As for theatrical installations, it will be presented by the martyr Barin’s band and deals with women’s resistance and violence against them.

A member of the Golden Crescent Movement, Zelan Sidou, noted that the dance and singing bands have started their training two months ago and are doing well, and said: “We will try as much as possible to give all the beautiful shows to the people on that day.”

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