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Turkish state is responsible for safety, security Abdullah Ocalan’s leader

The Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights in Syria issued a written statement to the public opinion against the backdrop of a fire in the forest of The Island of Imrali, where leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held, on February 27.

The statement read:

“Believing in the great sacrifices made by leader Abdullah Ocalan for all humanity in general and women in particular, he was in the darkest of circumstances supporting the women’s liberation movement and who supported Kurdish women until they reached the highest levels of awareness and obtained their rights, and worked to achieve justice. Gender equality, as well as the peaceful co-existence of all nationalities, religions and races through the ideology and philosophy of a democratic nation.

In order to ensure the safety and security of the leader who has been struggling the battle of unity and systematic isolation for more than 21 years, after being touched by the hand of treachery through an international conspiracy on February 15, 1999, where he was captured, and sent to Imrali Island to be away from his family, friends, lawyer to face the isolation imposed on him since 2011 is in a clear violation of international human rights conventions.

We have heard through a statement from the Foreign Minister of the Turkish State the burning of forests on Imrali Island, where leader Abdullah Ocalan is being held, and that the rescue teams did not reach the place of the fires because of the bad weather, this was our concern and fear for his security and safety because the Turkish state and the authorities supervising the prison of Imrali did not do its duty, where it is supposed to announce the status of the leader and allowing his family and lawyer to check on him, what the Turkish state is doing towards leader Abdullah Ocalan is totally contrary to international human rights charters and international conventions on the rights of prisoners, especially principles on Detention that states that:

All prisoners have the right to communicate with the outside world (their families, friends and lawyers)

Prisoners are placed in a prison near their homes.

As well as the minimum model rules that state:

Prisons should have a safe environment for everyone living in prisons.

No one in prison should fear for their physical integrity.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:

All persons deprived of their liberty are treated at all times with human treatment, respect for a person’s dignity, no one may be subjected to torture, degrading treatment or cruel or inhuman punishment and there is no exception to this.

We therefore hold the Turkish state fully responsible for the safety and security of leader Abdullah Ocalan and invite all international human rights organizations, particularly the European Committee against Torture (CPT), to undertake its duty and responsibilities in the face of the intellectual, psychological and physical torture of leader Abdullah Ocalan, as we demand. UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) and the other human rights organizations are pressuring the Turkish state to disclose the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan and allow his family and lawyer to visit him.”

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