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Rojava women become model worldwide

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8th, the international member of Women Protect Rojava Committee of the Kongra Star Coordination, Berivan Qaraçox, a British, told ANHA that this day is of a historic importance.

“Women around the world are working to escalate the struggle against the male mentality,” she said, describing the day as “blessed.”

“March 8th is still in our memory. Our struggle on this day must be for a future that protects all women everywhere,” she said, considering the International Women’s Day for all women and the resistance.

“I am in Rojava because the authoritarian capitalist system that is in Britain and the European countries is not what they’re talking about; we are not free,” she said.

“As International women, we will celebrate the day far and wide to raise the pace of struggle and resistance,” Berivan said.

“Rojava women have become a model for the women worldwide”

Thanks to the resistance, the Women Protection Units’ fighters who faced the fiercest attacks of ISIS mercenaries achieved historic and important victories. Today, they are facing the attacks of the Turkish state.

“The struggle of Rojava women both organizationally and in all areas has impressed the world. This organization encouraged dozens of women from overseas to visit Rojava by joining them, and we confirm that,” She said.

“Our resistance and struggle are the same, and shoulder to shoulder, we will reach freedom,” the international member of Women Protect Rojava Campaign Committee said.

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