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March 8th became torch for women’s role in democratic and political process

The 8th of March of each year, marks the International Women’s Day.

In conjunction with the occasion, our agency’s correspondent held a meeting with the head of the Future Syria Party branch and the joint chairman of the Culture and Art Committee, who congratulated all women, especially Syrian women.

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Al Qaftan said at the start of his speech:” this is a holy day for the whole humanity. We stress that there shouldn’t be only one day for women to express their rights and duties, but the whole years round. They became the torch through their actual practice of the democratic and political course in the parties or at any other work.”

He pointed out that the Syrian constitution stipulates that there should be no role for women in the presidency of the republic or any other party, and said: “We say that any Syrian citizen has the right to run for the presidency of the new republic, man or woman, and through that we can support the other half, so the role of women should not be neglected in the undeveloped societies.

“We want a real duality. This duality must be compatible so that this society can rise up and fly to high places, sophistication and development,” he said.

“Women should know what the rights are and how duties are through their struggle. We shouldn’t  make distinguish between men and women. As much the women are active as they have a positive role,” he said.

The joint chairman of the Culture and Art Committee in Al Raqqa city, Firas Ramadan, said that March 8is is a day when women’s rights meet to highlight their identity as a woman in various fields, especially since all days are eventful and witness on the heroism and history of women.

Firas Ramadan said that women started their work from the joint presidency system in institutions, and challenged all the consequences and difficulties, to carrying weapons in the battlefields, and took their role correctly, hence we congratulate march 8th on all women.”

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