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Our areas’ situation intolerable, northeastern Syria areas are safe for us,

The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria, said “nearly 1,500 families from Syria’s Idlib have been displaced and gone to northeastern Syria.

To house the displaced, the Autonomous Administration has set up several camps, including Jadida al-Hammar camp in Manbij, and Abu Qibai in Raqqa city.

In our reporter’s tour, Hawar News Agency at Idlib displaced camp, she met with 23-year-old Fatima Hajj Obeid, a married mother of three children from Idlib countryside.

Fatima is living in the western countryside of Manbij and says, “At first we suffered injustice and hunger under bombardment, there is an intolerable situation in our villages.”

“They were carrying on the worst practices against us, they were starving us and did not allow us to go out to the city. They used us as human shields,” Fatima said.

Fatima pointed out, that the villages and countryside of Idlib city are indescribable from the intensity of the shelling and destruction that has been inflicted on them.  People are the victims and pay the price of the fighting that has been going on for years, he added “Everyone in the region serves their interests and external agendas, regardless of people opinion.” she said.

Fatima noted that because of the repeated shelling they decided to go out, and continued, “We went to Azaz. Later, to the areas where we are safe. On our way, we were arrested by the mercenaries with several families. they took us to Azaz prison because we did not have the money to pay for the checkpoints. We stayed in prison for two days without food and under beating.”

Fatima explained, that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation released them on condition of staying in Azaz”, and continued, “But we left at night to the  northeastern areas of Syria after a long hardship, and an displacement journey full of fear and panic. As soon as we arrived in Manbij, I took my children to the hospital.”

“We have found safety, stability and tranquility here. We will only leave our city after liberating it from the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries,” Fatima Hajj Obeid said, a displaced person.

It is worth mentioning that the Idlib’s Rebel Brigade, which is under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces, provided facilities for displaced arrivals.

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