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Women: We to celebrate 8th March with struggler ‘s spirit, Aqeda’s mother, Havrin Khalaf

Al- Dirbêsiyê women’s speech in Hasakeh canton came on the occasion of March 8th, International Women’s Day, during an interview with ANHA agency.

On March 8th, Fawzia Omar congratulated YPJ fighters and all the women of the world, saying, “Kurdish women have proven themselves to the whole world with their resistance and struggle.”

She said “This year’s Women’s Day is different from all the years, because we will celebrate it with the vanguard mother’s Aqeda and Havrin Khalaf, and resistance to women who have proven themselves for 9 years in the region, so we will make every day of the year a women’s day“.

Fatima Kalsh, a citizen said “Every day is March 8th, so all women have to step up the struggle and work, because the injustice and oppression applied to women requires double effort and struggle,”.

Kurdish women have fought and struggled for the freedom of all women who have suffered injustice.

In conclusion, Fatima Kelsh congratulated all women on the 8th of March and confirmed that they would make all days a women’s day.

Emsha Suleiman a citizen “The 8th of March was the first step for women to work to break free from masculine and societal darkness, as well as for women in NE, Syria who worked to liberate women from the mentality of authoritarian society, and to follow in the footsteps of leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

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