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Elderly woman injured in shelling mercenaries in Manbij

Turkey’s gangs who are stationed in occupied villages of Jarablous and al-Bab have shelled the western and southern countryside of Manbij with several artillery and missile shells, most of which landed in the village of al-Kharofiyah south of the city of Manbij, where Syrian regime forces are being stationed.

As a result of the shelling, elderly woman aged 75-year-, Amina Hamdaoui, from the village of al-Kharofiyah, was seriously wounded by a shell that landed in her house.

“Amina” was subsequently transferred to the Euphrates Hospital in Manbej city, and according to the doctors supervising her health and supervising her treatment, the woman suffered a broken rib, a broken collarbone, and another fracture in the pelvis.

The patient was kept in hospital under intensive observation, as her health condition remains unstable.

The shelling also caused damage to civilians’ properties, while other shells landed in agricultural lands.

The Syrian regime forces similarly responded to the fire sources.

It is noteworthy that the attacks of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation were repeated in the area of ​​Manbij, in conjunction with the progress of the Syrian regime in Idlib and the expansion of its control at the expense of the mercenary factions.

Hawar news agency’s correspondent in Manbij obtained photos showing the effects of the bombing of civilian homes.

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