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YPJ’s scarf symbol of International Women’s Day celebrations

 On March 8th, the International Women’s Day, Kongra Star in Rojava organized a program for celebrating this occasion under the slogan “Our freedom is our resistance.”

Kongra Star formed a committee of (Union of Syriac Women, Arab Women, Sara Organization against Violence against Women,  council of Syrian Women,  council of the Northeastern Women, Al Jazeera Women’s Committee, Golden Crescent and other women’s organizations) to prepare for the event.

Our agency correspondent met with Star spokeswoman in Rojava Avin Sweid, who said that March 8th this year is a day of struggle.

 “On October 9, 2019, northeastern Syria areas were violently attacked and a number of areas, villages, and women were particularly targeted. Women have resisted the threats and attacks .”

Avin noted that this year is different, as women will wear folkloric dress, and make the YPJ’s scarf a symbol of the celebrations.”

The program will include a variety of events as follow:

on March 1, a statement will be read at the camps of the forcibly displaced by the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries at Washukani, Tal Al-Saman camp and the camps of Al-Shehaba canton and set off the Educated Women  Festival in Al Jazeera  Region.

On March 2 and 3, a series of meetings will be held in northeastern Syria, as well as screening of a sine vision featuring short films about women of Al Raqqa.

Torches marches in some areas.

On March 5, a forum will be held on women situation in the Syrian crisis in al-Jazeera, as well as visits to martyrs’ shrines.

 On March 4, a  visit to women’s village ( JIN WAR ) and a special program will be prepared with the village administration.

On March 6, a tent will be erected in Al Jazeera region by the Golden Crescent, to showcase the heritage of all components (Kurds, Arabs, Syriac) and others.

On March 7, the war wounded, the women’s families, the community and women’s protection units will be visited, as well as archaeological sites.

 On March 8th, provincial celebrations will be held with the participation of all women of all components.

  Avin said the cantons administration has the right to organize some events according to their privacy.

 In the end, Kongra Star’s spokeswoman in Rojava Avin Sweid explained that every year the struggle of women, especially Kurdish women, who have become an example to all women in the world, from the martyr Sara to the martyr Havrin Khalaf and mother Aqeeda, vowed to continue the struggle against all obstacles facing women and their freedom.”

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