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Al-Hasakah women: Struggle must be escalated, plot aims to genocide

The international conspiracy against leader Abdullah Ocalan entered its 21st year, which was planned by Turkish intelligence and capitalist states, it was to exterminate the Kurdish people and obliterate their identity.

On the ongoing plot against leader Abdullah Ocalan, Hawar news agency (ANHA) explored the views of the women of al-Hasakeh who denounced the plot.

Kongra Star’s administrator in the western district of al-Hasakah city, Jalila Mala Ali, said: “Our leader is the flame of freedom, and the sun of humanity, his idea and philosophy will remain in our conscience and minds, and the conspirators tried by imprisoning the leader to “separate the head from the body”, and keep him away from his people who love freedom and democracy, but they failed, because the leader is in our minds.”

The irrefutable evidence that the Turkish state is trying to eliminate the leader’s philosophy is that since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, it has been trying to interfere in Syrian affairs, and the areas of NE, Syria,” she said.

Laila Ahmed, a member of the Training Committee at Kongra Star in al-Hasakah canton, pointed out that since the Ottoman empire and Turkey are trying to obliterate the Kurdish identity, crush the existence of the Kurdish people and exterminate them, and said that the people in the areas of NE, Syria will struggle and rise to victory, and their leader Abdullah Ocalan will get his freedom.”

Ruken Ahmed, a member of the People’s Municipality noted to the aim of the plot was to undermine the will of the Kurdish people, “but it failed, because leader Abdullah Ocalan turned his prison into a place of struggle”.

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