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Afrin women: We demand to unite Kurdish rank because it is source of our power

The unification of the Kurdish political discourse and the unity of the Kurdish rank in light of the threats and dangers facing the Kurdish people and its gains are the most important pillars of the initiative of the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi.

On this initiative, Hawar news agency ANHA explored the views of a number of women from the Afrin district displaced in al-Shahba areas, converging views affirming the importance of achieving unity for the Kurdish people, and sow hope in the hearts of everyone so that this dream can be realized and be a step on the path to gather the dispersal of the Kurdish forces.

Why the National Assembly does not move in Afrin?

Citizen Amina Dinkley, one of the displaced people in Afrin canton, says: “The achievement of unity at this stage is more important to us than water and food. Unity achieves strength and strength achieves victory, but it is the National Council parties that create obstacles in order to achieve this unity.”

Amina explained: “The parliament parties stood by the Turkish occupation during the attack on Afrin, and their goal was to receive the administration in Afrin, and the parties in the council were planning during the attacks of the Turkish occupation to control Afrin and revive their positions and raise their flags, but Turkey did not allow them and prevented them.”

Amina wonders where is the National Assembly today in Afrin? Why does he not play his role and announce his administration two years ago in Afrin, and the Turkish occupation two years ago practiced the policies of ethnic cleansing and demographic change, what did the National Assembly do in return and what was accomplished for the Kurds? He left from Afrin who worked to organize its people and build its institutions, and the council today is the one controlling Afrin and we see the suffering of the people today and where did they get the situation?

Amina added: “We demand unity so that we have political and diplomatic power and pioneer role in the world. Unfortunately, the parties of the Council only think about their personal interests, and they failed to persuade Turkey to take over the administration in Afrin, as it failed to form a civil administration in Afrin and even the introduction of Kurdish curriculum, education in the Kurdish language.

Amina went on to recount her view by saying: “If the parties of the Council continue to reject the initiative, I do not see any necessity in their presence at the dialogue table, and it suffices that the rest of the parties stand in one row, and their goals are the same.”

Kurdish women must play their part to achieve convergence

In her turn, Citizen Nima Aliko said: “There is no doubt that there is a rift between the Kurdish parties, but we, as Kurds, were able to organize ourselves and establish our institutions in Rojava, and we will do our utmost to achieve the rapprochement of the Kurdish parties and the unity of the Kurdish rank, and this is the only way to thwart the conspiracy that is planned against us. “

And Nima Aliko added: “For years, the conspiracy has targeted the Kurdish people and the leader Ocalan in order to undermine our will, and this is because we are fighting for our rights, our language, our culture and our cause.”

Nima pointed to the goals of the international conspiracy: “Through the capture of the leader Ocalan, they try to separate the Kurdish people from the leader Ocalan, but the Kurdish people refused to surrender, and continue to organize its ranks, especially the Kurdish woman, and we will continue the struggle in the same the leader’s path.”

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