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​​​​​​​Kongra Star holding series of meetings on international plot in Aleppo

 Kongra Star launched a series of meetings on February 5th , 1999, to introduce the international plot against Abdullah Ocalan on February 15th , 1999.

 Kongra  Star held 36 meetings in all the communes of the area (line of the martyr, Kelat, east of the neighborhood, line of the martyr Robar Qamshlo, west of the neighborhood, the Ashrafieh line and Bani Zaid).

Dozens of residents participated in the meetings from Arab and Turkmen components.

The discussions focused on the plot against Ocalan,  objectives of the involved states to undermine the Kurdish people and strike their philosophy, as well as the life of the leader since his youth, personality and resistance, and the continuation of the conspiracy through the attacks of the Turkish occupation on northeastern Syria.

 “As  plot day is getting near against, Abdullah Ocalan, we have launched a campaign of meetings aimed at introducing the international plot in its 22nd year,” administrator of Kongra Star Coordination, Nahla Mustafa said.

 In her speech, Nahla addressed America and Israel meetings and the handover of the leader to Turkey. She noted that the leader’s resistance is going on against the mentality of the states that is targeting the project of the  democratic nation .

“The ongoing plot against the leader, Abdullah Ocalan is linked to the occupation of Afrin to Seri Kania and Gire Spi developments. “Targeting the free and organized woman figure, such as the martyr, Hevrin, is proof that their conspiracy against the people continues,” she said.

“We hope that 2020 will be the leader liberation and the victories. We pledge to organize the people, expand the women’ struggle, embrace all components and religions,”  Nahla said.

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