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​​​​​​​Raqqa women. leader Ocalan’s thought, made us realize our reality

February 15th, marks the 21st anniversary of the international plot that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in which several Turkish-led countries participated.

The AKP government imposes severe isolation on Ocalan and rejects visits requests  by his lawyer and family.

leader Ocalan proceeded from the idea of women’s liberation and activated their role in all political and military fields of life.

Rojava revolution is an example of what women have shown, especially Arab women who have been able to free themselves from the stereotypes and customs of society.

 In this regard, our agency correspondent met with a number of Arab women in Raqqa city who denounced the plot against the leader.

  Wissam al-Ahmad, a resident of al-Mashlab neighborhood, said: leader Abdullah Ocalan worked to free all women, including Arab women, so Turkey tried to destroy this ideology.

 “Through the leader’s philosophy, we have revealed that the aim of this plot is to hide and suppress the truth of women, a fact confirmed by the leader, if women regain their place in society, the capitalist, power and central states will collapse.”

As Arab women, we will follow in the footsteps and approach of the leader Ocalan, and spread his idea, because of Ocalan we were able to realize who we are,” she said.

 “We know that the recent attack by the Turkish state on the northern Syrian regions is to break the will of the people and women that they derived from the ideology of the leader who gave women their right and place in society,” Hala al-Ali, a citizen said .

  “Turkey’s aim is to refuse for the leader  to meet with his lawyer and family because they see every message of the leader a new revolution, and peaceful solutions for peoples away from war. So it is difficult for the Turkish state to see these messages and spread his ideas out of fear of him,”  Wazna Ahmed al-Mohammed, a resident of Al-Sha’ibe neighborhood.

“If it wasn’t for the ideas of leader Abdullah Ocalan, we wouldn’t be where we are now, because all the capitalist countries and the ruling regimes are unable to implement the project of the democratic nation.”  “The repression of women in the occupied territories is nothing but a continuation of the conspiracy against Commander Abdullah Ocalan,” Fatima said.

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