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Avin Juma’a: Six women sexually assaulted in Serêkaniyê with documentation

Since the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launched attacks on northern and eastern regions of Syria on October 9 last year,  it has been targeting civilians directly, especially women and children.

A special source from Serêkaniyê told our agency, ANHA, that 30 women have been sexually assaulted since the occupation of the region by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, while the Human Rights Organization in Al Jazeera region has documented six cases of rape, abduction and murder so far.

On this issue and practices of the Turkish occupation mercenaries against women, the Executive Administrator of  Human Rights Organization, Al Jazeera region, Avin Juma’a said that Turkey is targeting the civilians to empty the area of the indigenous population first, and targeting women secondly.

She added: “As soon as the mercenaries of the occupation enter the areas they occupy, they start a series of violations against women, as it has been done in Afrin and other occupied areas. We note this through what is done by ISIS mercenaries against women in the areas of Al Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and their countryside to prove to us the same mentality and policy that leads to the oppression of women.”

“Turkey’s mistreatment of women and mutilation of the bodies of the Women Protection Units’ fighters is to terrorize the women and population to force them to leave the region, as well as a message to all women to break their will,” Avin said.

According to the Human Rights Organization, it has confirmed in its official report that six cases (2 abductions, 2 rapes and 2 murders) have been recorded, as their fate is unknown till this date.

The Executive Administrator in the Human Rights Organization of Al Jazeera region Avin Juma’a explained at the end of her speech: “During the interviews conducted with the forcibly displaced women, they confirmed that they are afraid of being exposed to rape because the treatment of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries is similar to that of ISIS by imposing niqab on the women even the non-Muslim women.”

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