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Afaf Hasky: National Assembly evades unity because it works according to Turkish plans

Afaf Hasky, the co-chair of al-Hasakah Canton Culture and Art Committee, explained that the Kurdish National Council parties are evading unity, because they operate according to Turkey’s plans, and said: “The Turkish aggression is targeting the general Kurdish people, not a specific party.”

Kurdish national unity has become the most frequently discussed issue among the Kurdish people, especially after the Turkish occupation’s attacks on NE, Syria, but some Kurdish parties and personalities create excuses to evade this unit in the service of Turkish interests.

Despite the announcement of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, its support for the initiative of the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, for the unity of the Kurdish rank, bringing the visions between all parties, and inviting the parties of the Kurdish National Council to continue their activities and open their offices without hindrance, but the Council does what it dictates Turkish occupation, and avoids these initiatives.

On this topic, Hawa news agency, ANHA, interviewed with the co-chair of the Culture and Art Committee in al-Hasakah canton, Afaf Hasky, who said at the outset of her speech: “After 9 years of the Syrian revolution, we have made many achievements under the slogan of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples. We have reached this the level of progress and great achievements thanks to the blood of our martyrs, and there was a weakness in our movement due to the violations that are happening to our peoples, especially the Kurdish people in many aspects, including political and military. “

Afaf Hasky noted that the Kurdish people have lived under oppression and tyranny since ancient times, because all Chauvinist regimes do not want victory for the Kurdish people, and the Lausanne Agreement was intended to disperse the Kurdish people to move away from their language and culture, and it divided Kurdistan into four parts.

Afaf Hasky pointed out, “At this sensitive time of the Kurdish people, and in order to unify their ranks and sit at the same table of dialogue, many Kurdish parties and personalities flee from unity, such as the parties of the Kurdish National Council, and some of the personalities in it, such as Ibrahim Baro, who lives in Istanbul. In the embrace of the Turkish state for the sake of his personal interests. “

Afaf indicated that Ibrahim Baro is making arguments and excuses “because he does not want at all to unify the Kurdish rank.”

 Turkish violations target the Kurdish people, not a specific party, and there are many Kurdish parties working for the unity of the Kurdish ranks.

Afaf Hasky noted that the unity will enable the Kurds to stand up to the dirty agreements being planned against the Kurdish people, and put an end to the massacres that are taking place against the peoples of NE, Syria, and continued, “The Turkish state and since the era of the Ottomans carried out many massacres against the Kurds, just like Saddam Hussein who He carried out many massacres against the Kurdish people, such as the massacre of Halabja, in which thousands of children and women were killed. “

Afaf Hasky, the co-chair of al- Hasakah canton Culture and Art Committee, said at the end of her speech: “All Kurdish parties and people must show solidarity for the unity of the rank, because with our unity we will win and we will become stronger.”

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