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Turkey occupied large areas of Syria within regional, international agreements

Two years after the Turkish invasion and its mercenaries to boycott Afrin, the Council of Women in North and East Syria issued a written statement to the public opinion, stating:

“The second anniversary of the Turkish army occupying the Afrin region in a military operation called the “Olive Branch”.

Since the start of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has played a negative role and a major role in its complexity, by interfering in the Syrian issue and transforming the peaceful popular movement into an armed conflict between the Syrian people, and was able to extend its control over large areas of Syria, in agreements and alliances with regional and international parties, which led to occupy these lands in full, and put them under the control of armed factions cooperating with them.

Turkey culminated in its negative role by occupying the Afrin region, which it started on 01/20/2018 and after the unprecedented resistance of our heroic forces from the region’s sons, who fought bravely for the brutal Turkish war machine and withstood for 58 days, in front of the brutal artillery and air bombardment of the Turkish occupation army, This occupation has caused the martyrdom and wounding of thousands of civilians, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of their original areas of residence in the camps, the destruction of infrastructure, and demographic changes by resettling families of mercenary factions in the homes of displaced civilians, in flagrant violation of international laws and norms.

Another crime was added to Turkey’s track record, when it occupied Tel-Abyed and Serêkaniyê regions in a brutal military attack on 9/10/2019, also supported by armed factions under the name of “Syrian National Army”.

The tragedies are repeated, and the crimes of the Turkish occupation are increasing day by day, and there is no solution looming on the horizon, in light of the international and regional conflict on Syrian soil.

We are in the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, and out of our belief in the need to find a solution to the escalating Syrian crisis for nine years, we call on the international community to support the political solution process, by sponsoring a negotiating process that brings together the various components of the Syrian people, and we also demand that they bear their responsibility and put an end to the constant threats against the regions of northern and eastern Syria, to force Turkey to exit from all the Syrian territories it occupies, and hold it accountable and those involved with it for the violations and crimes it has committed against unarmed civilians and residents.

We also call on the Syrian people, with all its spectra, and all Syrian women’s and human rights organizations to stand up to the abhorrent Turkish occupation, and work together to get Syria out of the dark tunnel, in which you live towards a free, dignified and decent life.

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