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​​​​​​​Lecture is titled” Turkish occupation ‘s violations in Afrin” for al-Raqqa women

The lecture was attended by women of the city of al-Raqqa, in addition to members of women’s institutions and councils.

A sign hung in the lecture hall written on it: “Afrin Having Occupied, Continued Violations and the World is Silent.”

The lecture was delivered by the administrator at the Women’s Office in the Syria Democratic Council, Dbayeh al-Nasser, she talked about the place and the geographical importance of Afrin, where she said: “Afrin is a geographical area located in the far northwestern of Syria, and belongs to the province of Aleppo, which is predominantly Kurdish, and is characterized by peaceful co-existence between Its inhabitants, a fertile area for agriculture known as the City of Olives. “

On what happened in Afrin, Dbayeh pointed out: The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries insisted on occupying Afrin, desecrating its sanctity, killing and displacing more than / 300 / thousands of its people, sowing chaos in it through its attacks on it, and practicing the most heinous acts forbidden according to international humanitarian law, and there are numbers and statistics Awful of the number of practices and violations committed by the occupation against civilians.

Dbayeh touched upon the acts of looting, theft, and destruction, where she said: “The destruction and the effects of Afrin have been done by the occupier only to distort the reality and history of the Kurdish people.”

The administrator of the Women’s Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council, Dbayeh al-Nasser, was stunned by the international silence and said: Human rights organizations must expose the crimes of the Turkish occupation in the international forums for his trial.

At the end of the lecture, the women expressed their support and appreciation for the Resistance of the Age, especially the resistance of the Afrin women and the Afrin children.

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