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​​​​​​​ Council of Syrian Women calls on international community to end occupation.

This came in a statement issued by the Council of the Syrian Women on the anniversary of two years after the Turkish invasion of Afrin canton, occupation and displacement of its people. The council said in its statement:

 “This is the second anniversary of the Turkish invasion  of Afrin, and the cities of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain have also been  occupied in the process of what is called the” Spring of Peace”, which has introduced the Syrian crisis into a new phase in which regional and international calculations and will crossed, and major deals are at the heart of the future in the Middle East for decades to come.

Peace has brought the Syrian crisis into a new phase in which regional and international calculations and wills intersect, and major deals are at the heart of the future of the Middle East for decades to come.

Turkey has played the worst role in all the conferences and discussions held to find a solution to the crisis in Syria, through which Turkey sought to ensure its control over areas of the Syrian territories under the pretext of de-escalation, but it was a kind of occupation for those areas under other excuses, in order for these areas to be a hotbed for the armed terrorist factions and training camps under the protection of Turkey.

To complete the Turkish patrol salvage on the Syrian people, the occupying Turkish forces launched an air and land campaign on the Syrian city of Afrin, striking against the wall all the  international agreements, treaties and conventions, and occupying the city. Turkey has justified its campaign, which it calls “Olive Branch “, by seeking to preserve its national security.

Under this flimsy argument, Turkey invaded Afrin territory, displaced more than a million Syrian citizens. Neither human beings nor stone were spared this aggression. It used internationally banned weapons and  various internationally classified factions on the list of terrorism, and pursued the same policy in operation “Spring of Peace”, which has occupied new parts of The Syrian territory.

In the face of the Turkish aggression, we are witnessing an incomprehensible and unjustified international silence in the direction of what is happening, and it seems that Turkey has not only occupied the cities of Jarabulus, Al-Bab, Azaz, Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, but its ambitions go far beyond that.

Whatever the international understandings and attitudes towards Turkey’s occupation of the Syrian cities are, Syrian civilians are the only losers and pay a heavy price in addition to the exorbitant prices they have paid in the past 10 years.

We believe that Syria needs to seek commons  between the  Syrians, away from religious, national or ideological fanaticism within the framework of a national project that is for all and for all, a project that contributes to the re-communication between the Syrians and the free Syria from all foreign occupations.

We call on the international community and its institutions to help the Syrians to put an end to the continuing threats of the Turkish territories, to force Turkey out of the Territory it has occupied unconditionally, to return the land to its Syrian owners, and to hold Turkey accountable for all violations and crimes committed against the safe civilians in Afrin and other occupied territories.

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