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Kongreya Star calls on people to protest the invasion of NE Syria

Kongreya Star calls on peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria to mark the anniversary of the Afrin invasion: let us rise to rebellion for the Martyrs of the Honor Resistance and of the Epochal Resistance.

Kongreya Star issued a written statement on the anniversary of the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against the Canton of Afrin.

The statement said: “The Syrian crisis is on its ninth year. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives in these 9 years. Russia, Iran and Turkey reached an agreement which led to the occupation attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria. The fascist Turkish state, which attacked the Canton of Afrin on 20 January 2018, tried in every way to destroy the democratic nation project that has come to life in Northern and Eastern Syria. Thousands of people had to migrate from Afrin because of the attacks of the Turkish state.”

The statement continued: “The Turkish state, which continues its attacks, has violated all international laws. The Turkish state forced the people to flee their homes while the world watched in silent. The Turkish state and its mercenaries plundered civilians’ property and destroyed nature. The mercenaries destroyed historical and archeological sites and cut thousands of olive trees or set them on fire. The Turkish state mercenaries, imposed tax penalties on many people and is trying to change the demographic structure of the region.”

Kongreya Star added: “Despite all these violations, the resistance of the people was never interrupted. The resistance of the people continue in the camps in Shehba. Peoples are waiting for the day they will return to their houses.”

Kongreya Star called “on all the people living in Northern and Eastern Syria to rise to rebellion on the anniversary of the invasion of Afrin for the Martyrs of the Honor Resistance and the Epochal Resistance. Let’s condemn the crimes against humanity and the repression by the Turkey state. We call on the international public not to remain silent. Let the invaders be removed from Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Girê Spî and let the peoples to return to their homes.”

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