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Mother, Najah recounts her memories with the militant Sakina Jansz

On January 9th, 2013, conspiratorial intelligence forces assassinated the leader, Sakina Jansz, and her companions, Vidin Adogan, and Leila Saelms, in Paris. With the coming of 7th anniversary of the horrific massacre of the three women activists, Sakina Jansz, one of the PKK’s leading person, and the leaders, Vidan Dugan and Leila Chelms, mother, Najah Gulo spoke about what was left of her memory after meeting the militant Sakina Jansz in 1985.

Najah Gulo recalled at the beginning of her speech, the martyr Sakina Jansz, “Sakina,  has managed through her struggle and revolutionary spirit, to make a great impact on thousand hearts of her people.”

“I saw in her the strong women, and was able to develop the national spirit in us, and to be a role model for all revolutionary and militant women,” Najah  Gulo, who met the militant Sakina Jansz during her struggle among the people in 1985 said.

She also met the militant, Sakina Jansz for the second time, in the square of  the Commander Abdullah Ocalan, at the Academy of Martyr Masum Qourqmaz in 1988, the Commander praised her courage, the strength will, and asked her to write a book about her journey, and her struggle in Amed prison, ” The militant Sakina was a model for the fighting women, through their participation in the hunger strike to death event in Amed prison, with the movement’s symbols Mazlum Dugan and Mohamed Khair eddine Dormush and their companions

Najah recounted some of her memories: “During the meetings that were organized for us within the camp, the militant, Sakina was writing publications, discussing with  coming women from Rojava, and analyzing the character of the  Rojavian Woman .”

The militant, Sakina was also trying, through her participation, to become a model woman of fighting, and the militant that commander Abdullah Ocalan knew during his arguments about the revolutionary women.

 Najah met for the third time the militant Sakina on Qandil Mountains in 2002,”Every morning we woke up by the voice of the militant Sakina, and she was known for her vitality and activity, and she distributed this activity to everyone who was with her, and she was good at dealing with different people,” she said.

 During her discussions, Sakina focused on the self-knowledge of the kurdish citizen, his history, the knowledge of women themselves, and her role, and she pointed out that many women made sacrifices in order to live in freedom and dignity, and the martyr Sakina was the symbol of free women, in all fields, in relation to, work, organization, activity and  the educating women.”

 “When I met her, I was impressed by her militant spirit and strong personality, and during her struggle, the martyr Sakina Jansz made great sacrifices, and affected everyone, and today we see thousands of mothers named their daughters after her and hundreds of fighters marched on her path,” she said.

Najah  continued “the martyr Sakina Jansz resisted against the authoritarian male mentality, and fascist regimes such as the system of Turkish state , grew up with the thought and philosophy of commander Abdullah Ocalan, and did not kneel to injustice, so she was targeted, and assassinated, by the Turkish MIT”

 At the end of her speech, Najah Gulo said: The martyr Sakina, with her thought and resistance against the  injustice, has made a great history, and many like  her came out during the resistance of northern and eastern Syria, such as Hefrin, Barin and Avista, her struggle continues and is immortalized in hearts.”

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