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Kongra Star issues report on women and kids in Turkish invasion

A new dossier by Kongra Star documents the killing of women and children in Afrin since January 2018 and in the rest of North and East Syria since October 2019.

The dossier by Kongra Star is called “Women and children in the Turkish invasion: Genocide, Femicide, and demographic change”. It places these killings in historical and politcal context, as part of a long term campaign of genocide, femicide, and forced demographic change.

The dossier analysed the current invasion of the area of North and East Syria which, Kongra Star said, “is one part of a long history of Turkish state op- pression of the people of the region. This in turn is part of an even longer history, as the 20th century saw a series of genocides, massacres, and forced displacement on the ethnic minorities in the areas that are now North and East Syria and North Kurdistan/Southern Turkey.”

This forced displacement often involves replacing one ethnic group with another, imposing demographic change, creating a cultural and ethnic hegemony of one group and inciting tensions between different peoples. Colonial powers funded and supported the Ottoman Empire in this, and the Turkish state today is also still supported by international forces.

The dossier also lists women and children killed or wounded during the attacks carried out by the Turkish government since the invasion of Afrin in 2018.

Kongra Star

Kongra Star is the umbrella of women’s organisations in the area of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria. It follows in particular the situation of women, and children as well as due to the relationship between women, the care and welfare of children, and social organisation.

Kongra Star has offices all across North and East Syria and each local office helps with collecting of data and which are compiled by the central research and statistics committee.

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