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Intellectuals: group wants to disperse Kurds to prevent them unity

The Kurdish street insists on achieving Kurdish national unity, a demand that the majority of Kurdish political parties and forces struggle to achieve.

The Kurds believe that there are parties that hinder efforts at national unity.

‘The interest of the Kurdish people is above everything’

“The initiative to unify the Kurdish row by the intellectuals of the city of Aleppo was in the form of establishing the Aleppo Cultural Forum,” said a member of the Aleppo Cultural Forum in Berivan Hamosh.

She added, “Our goal as intellectuals is to discuss all opinions presented by everyone without exclusion, to come up with the optimal decision that favors the interest of the Kurdish people above everything, and here the issue requires unification before starting the discussion.”

Regarding the importance of unity at this stage, Berivan said, “The pain that we were exposed to in Afrin or in the Turkish attacks on northeastern Syria from making sacrifices made the Kurdish street in the position of union and rejected the Turkish occupation despite partisan differences, and here these differences must dissipate in order to we become one hand. “

‘A group that is dependent on the Kurdish community’

 The member of the Aleppo Cultural Forum concluded, “There are some people who take a stand on the Kurdish issue, and here they can be described as a group that is dependent on the Kurdish community, and they must be removed to move forward towards obtaining the Kurdish ID.”

As for the co-chair of the Aleppo Cultural Forum, Leila Khaled, she pointed out that the role of the intellectual at this stage is very important and said: “We are going through a phase of extermination of the Kurdish presence that the Turkish occupation is waging brutally, exploiting the militant factions to strike the project of co-existence and the brotherhood of peoples.”

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