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A little journey through time in the camp of young women

Morale, creativity, and workshops – from 21-28 December a colourful young women’s camp was held with women from 13 to 30 years of age. In the camp, the young women united to create a special atmosphere, and increased their awareness of the fight against patriarchy. From the Neolithic Age to the emergence of sexism in the Sumerian era, over to the history of Kurdish women and Jineolojî – the camp was like a time travel through the history of women. The mixture of leisure activities, group work and workshops made for a varied everyday life.

During the approximately six days of the camp there were workshops on Kurdish history, the history of Kurdish women, social sexism, special warfare, media and flyer workshop and Jineolojî. There were also hikes, film evenings and special moments in which the participants painted and discussed their own experiences in life.

The social sexism workshop attracted a lot of attention. The workshop was divided into four sections: Neolithic; First sexual break (establishment of patriarchy); Second sexual break (monotheism); Third sexual break (women’s revolution). This provided a clearer understanding of the origin and development of male domination.

The young women were able to discuss in particular detail the matter of “special warfare”. In this part different methods of psychological warfare were uncovered, i.e. social media in particular were examined. Together, the young women found answers to the questions: “What role models do the media force on us? How strongly do social media and their influencers affect us? How can we protect ourselves from manipulation?” For this the young women used creative methods such as theatre.

To round off the camp, the young women organized a so-called “Morale” (cultural evening) in the last days of their camp. With dance, games and theatre the young women enjoyed the last moments together among themselves.

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