Young women: SDF is the only force that protects us

As the occupant Turkish state continues its attacks against North and East Syria in an attempt to invade the region, the peoples living in region stand by their defense forces who continue resisting the attacks.

Young women living in Heseke express strongest solidarity with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which they say is the only force that protects them.


Leyla Şêxo says that the Turkish state and the Syrian regime try to keep the youth off the SDF which she describes as the single force that protects people in North-East Syria. She calls on youth, especially women, to join the ranks of the armed forces.

Şêxo puts emphasis on the strength and determination of the peoples in North-East Syria and stresses that the Turkish state cannot break their will, nor the revolution that is led by women.


Remarking that the occupation forces want to wipe out the Kurdish people as well as their language and identity, Rûsîm Hisên highlights the cruciality of defending these, calling on everyone, mainly the youth, to fight to protect their existence and values.


Rûlaf Maco, who was displaced from Afrin and settled in Heseke, makes it clear that SDF is the only force that they trust. She says; “SDF protected us against terror and the occupation forces. Today we have to give them our support.”

Gulistan Ali says that the youth, as the leading figures of society, stand in the very front rank in the struggle against Turkish invasion. Gülistan emphasises that they have full trust in the SDF and will continue to support them to the very end.

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