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To be worthy of my daughter and her struggle”

YPJ fighter Dilvin Qamişlo fell in the resistance against the Turkish occupation in Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain). Her mother Gulistan Eziz has spoken to ANF about her daughter’s life and her own feelingsDilvin was Gulistan’s youngest daughter. Her mother describes her as warm and very attached to her family. She was a good student and was interested at an early age in guerrillas fighting for their people. This interest was increasingly marked by a great respect for the fighting women. At some point she decided to join these women.

“My motherly feelings hindered me,” says Gulistan in retrospect. “I always told her to go to school. One day she went and joined them. My heart was in turmoil and I thought that I could not live without her. So I brought her back. The second time she left, I realized I had to respect her decision. I let her go.”

Dilvin was happy with her decision. “She looked so beautiful the day she left us. She radiated happiness,” said her mother. “When I visited her later, I told her not to forget that I was always with her in my heart. She replied that she has friends everywhere, from Shengal to Van, and that my heart should be with them too.”

Gulistan did not know that Dilvin was in Serêkaniyê at the beginning of the Turkish invasion in October. However, she felt that her daughter, like the other fighters, was resisting the occupation. Then she saw Dilvin on television and was happy. “After two or three days, the fighting in Serêkaniyê became more and more violent. When I heard that the industrial area was bombed by fighter jets, I thought that Dilvin had fallen. At the same time, I fervently wished that she had not fallen into the hands of the enemy. Later I was told that she had fallen.”

Gulistan is proud of her daughter. “Of course it’s hard when a part of you dies but I was prepared for it. We are aware that the price is very high. I will follow their path. I now bear the responsibility of being worthy of my daughter and the other martyrs.”

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